Presentation at ETDG

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation at the Emerging Technologies Discussion Group (EDTG) at the University of Maryland Libraries. This group meets once a month and features presenters discussing technology that can be applicable to the work of librarians or archivists. The August meeting featured myself and Catherine Bloom, a fellow student at UMD’s iSchool. I presented on stereomap (, my project which mapped stereographic views of New York City as a part of my Digital Public History course from this past spring. The presentation focused on some notable examples that inspired my project, the tools I examined for use in its completion, and the process I went through to complete the final project. I emphasized that one does not need to be a technical expert to undertake a project like this (although it does help) and that there are a vast array of tools online for bringing collections to the public’s attention and into different contexts. Check out the slides here: or you can read more about the project in the class blog that I linked to above.


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